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    WIKIO EXPERTS - (NEW) - Get Paid To Write - (Paid In Euros)


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    WIKIO EXPERTS - (NEW) - Get Paid To Write - (Paid In Euros)

    Post by webgirl on Tue 19 Apr 2011, 8:43 pm

    WIKIO EXPERTS - (NEW) - Get Paid To Write - (Paid In Euros)

    How many articles can I write?
    Wikio Experts has 140 subject categories for you to specialise in, so there should be something for everyone. Match your personal skills, expertise and knowledge to a category that suits you individually

    What is the average length of an article?
    The length of articles depends on the subjects complexity and its pay. It varies between 200-400 words.

    Can I write on any subject?
    Wikio Experts articles are short informative and objective pieces of online content. We encourage a degree of subjectivity so our writers can be creative.

    How much does Wikio Experts pay?
    Wikio Experts are paid on an article by article basis. The amount is determined by the length and complexity of the assignment. Remuneration comes in three forms:
    A fixed amount: (e.g. 3€, 5€ et 8€)
    A variable amount: up to €3
    A fixed amount and a variable amount up to €15

    How am I paid?
    Your earnings are paid to you through Paypal. This is perhaps the most safest, most internationally recognised payment methods. If you do not have an account, you must create one before you can start with Wikio Experts UK. By working exclusively with Paypal we avoid paying commissions, and can pass these savings onto you.

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