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    Here are 5 of my all time FAVORITE GPT sites that really help.

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    Here are 5 of my all time FAVORITE GPT sites that really help.

    Post by AkiraLyna on Sun 03 Jul 2011, 11:14 am

    These are my most used GPT sites and so far I make about an extra $100-$150/mo. But I am quite dedicated to this. Now with all these site you are only allowed one member per house hold and they pay in paypal, prize offers and/or check. I'll be sure to let you know which is with what. All these sites offer more than just boring surveys that take up to 30+ mins of your time and end up not qualifying for your reward. I hate when that happens. But you also get to shop on line and get money back. You can watch videos, complete daily offers, read emails, even play games, and more. And if you wish to do referral exchanges I can. Post back how many you signed up for and send me the same amount back. I use these daily and can see if I got a referral or not, please don't try to trick me. Thank you. Hope this helps you like it helps me.

    First, My Favorite of all, Varolo. Varolo is a site where all you have to do is watch video ads and refer away. The more people in your group the more money you make. The more referrals your referrals refer (=D) the MORE you make. Can you see why I LOVE this site? And at $20 you can cash out using paypal.

    Second, FusionCash. Now with FC you can get paid by offers, check or paypal and you can cashout when you reach $25. This is monthly around the 20th.

    Next, Inboxdollars. They pay by check. And you can request a cash out at $30. I believe this is monthly as well, though I'm not 100% So don't quote me.

    And it's brother, Inboxpays. Cash by PayPal. Cash out at $50. Again, I think monthly.

    Last but not least, PrizeLive. Ah, PL. They pay you daily! As long as you make $1 you can cash out. But to Cash out Daily, you need to post proof of payment in the forum or you only get to cash out once a month. This is probably the easiest one to make daily money. You also can get game points which can be used to play games to earn more money.

    Now MAKE SURE if you are opting the PayPal payment method you VERIFIED your PayPal account. If not, it's easy. Go to your account and click on the my account tab. Right above your balance you should see status. If it says verified you're good if not click it and select a way to verify. Either by bank account or by PayPal's card.

    Feel Free to contact me if you would like more sites to earn money from or need help. I have lots of both available.

    Happy Money Making!!!

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