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    The Dollar Pit Pays Again!!


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    The Dollar Pit Pays Again!!

    Post by abcderose on Wed 31 Aug 2011, 10:21 pm

    Payment Received (Unique Transaction ID #)

    Sent by: Angela Seikel (The sender of this payment is Verified)
    Buyer email: thedollarpit
    Payment sent to: kwiecien9499

    Amount received: $5.00 USD
    Fee amount: $0.00 USD
    Net amount: $5.00 USD

    Date: Aug 28, 2011
    Time: 16:18:06 PDT
    Status: Completed

    Subject: Angela Seikel has just sent you $5.00 USD with PayPal
    Payment type: Instant

      Current date/time is Thu 19 Apr 2018, 11:51 am