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    Post by J105 on Wed 28 Mar 2012, 7:20 pm

    With swagbucks, there are many benefits first lets get start with ways to earn. You can earn with coupons, daily deals, daily polls, games, NOSO, search, special offers, swagbucks TV, tasks, trade-in, and trusted surveys.

    Coupons- With coupons you’ll get 10 swagbucks when you redeem them at the store within 8-12 weeks. They use coupons so you can print them or add them to your advantage card. There is no limit on how many coupons you can redeem at one time.

    Daily Deals- They have deals were you can sign up for things for limited time and save a lot of money shopping. You can really save a lot on the froobi deal of the day so check that out.

    Daily Poll- Each day they have a different poll vote for the day and get a swagbuck easy and fun.

    Games- Practice the games for free (use no swagbucks) then when your ready and good play in contests and earn swagbucks.

    NOSO- Go through the sponsored offer path and then at the end get 2 swagbucks. You skip the ones you’re not interested in and submit the ones you are.

    Search- search the web and get swagbucks you’ll usually receive 8,9 or 10 swagbucks but it’s all random so you could get anything.

    Special Offers- You complete offer from their sponsor groups like ad rewards, trail pay, radium one, payment wall, super rewards, peanut labs, and sponsor pay. You’ll get points almost instantly after completing what is asked.

    Swagbucks Tv- You watch your favorite shows and get swagbucks. You’ll get 5 swagbucks for watching like 10-15 clips.

    Tasks- You complete task from crowd flower and get swagbucks.

    Trade-In- Why throw your old phone or tv in the garbage when you could get swagbucks for it. Tell them where to sent it they’ll send you a box and pay shipping just put your item in the box and ship it back.

    Trusted Surveys- Do surveys and get swagbucks for it.

    You can refer members to swagbucks and get up to 1,000 swagbucks from them. Like every time your referral searches the web you get the points but when or if they go past 1,000 swagbucks you will then stop receiving swagbucks for their searches. But, keep in mind this is only good for searches only.
    They have referral banner, widgets, and your referral link to refer people to swagbucks.

    1.) Swag Store- with swag store this is where you’ll find all the rewards that you redeem for your swagbucks. Trust me you won’t be disappointed they over 1,000+ rewards.
    2.) Swag stakes- here you can use very little points and enter sweepstakes to win big ticket items or like 100 swagbucks at only 3 swagbucks an entries.
    Swagbucks is a really nice place to get great rewards and have fun. You’ll earn rewards and easy and quickly and with 1000’s of rewards you really can’t go wrong. If you’d like to sign up to swagbucks please click the following link
    I’d also like to give you the following video that you can check out on youtube for a little more information:
    Thanks so much! Look forward to having you as a referral!

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