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    LegacyGPT-Brand New

    Post by Mayosaur on Tue 19 Jun 2012, 1:46 am

    LegacyGPT is a brand new get paid to website.

    LegacyGPT .com

    (new members are not allowed to post external links for a certain number of days, and so removing the space will take you to the website.)

    You can complete surveys, and complete different offers to earn money.

    Here's how you can earn your first $1.

    1. Sign up and confirm your email to receive .10 cents.

    2. Use this promo code: e77b0f001e (Limit 5) worth .10 cents.

    3. Complete the offer contest. (see details below)

    Complete 4 offers worth at least .10 cents or 10 points and get .20 cents back. (Limit 10 people)

    Which means you should reach .40 cents in order to be credited.

    Earning your first $1 will be easy if you follow these steps.

    The minimum amount to withdraw is $1

    Which is paid to you via Paypal.

    We also allow you to cashout via an Amazon Gift Card.

    Which is emailed to you.

    The minimum amount to request this payout is $5.

    However, payments are made on Monday and Friday.

    As this is a new GPT website we value your input and your constructive feedback will help us grow.

    Things to look forward to:

    Loyal members will be emailed promo codes to show our gratitude.

    Which can only be made available to you if you're a subscribed member.

    A jackpot will be added.

    The referral contest will increase.

    and we're considering adding a game to increase our members earnings.

    Join us today.

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