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    Prize Slam?????

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    Prize Slam????? Empty Prize Slam?????

    Post by MissMe on Fri 16 Aug 2013, 2:42 pm

    Sorry not sure if this goes here, but wanted to get the word out. I am a Mod at prize slam I never asked to be one they just gave it to me. But, hey thats cool I can help others with anything they need. I have cashed out a few times and they are paying which is great. I did win a upgrade because i got 20 offers first, so I was like sweet. So now they have a contest that was running if you hit 30 offers first you get 10 bucks. So I was like sweet I am in. Well, I think I got to 26 done last night and the Admin said to me good job. So when I log in today some person named goboss won. I was like what never heard of this name came out of no where and won the 10 dollars. Which makes no sense to me so i was like amazing did 30 offers in that amount of time. Intill I saw this thread at another forumotion site and Now I say what a scam.

    gptsites dot forumotion dot com

    When you look at the chatbox look at Goboss what they say and What Admin says and then he deletes what he says. I think he did not realize he was log into his admin account.

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