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    Post by litas on Thu 03 Jul 2014, 7:57 pm

    War of Clicks is like a new kind of PTC, it is gamified.

    Earning System

    PPC: Pay per click – Every advertisement which is in PPC mode gives $0.002 when clicked. But everyone has 1 right to click in every 1 hour to an advertisement in PPC mode. You have unlimited PPC click right.

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    RH: Rush hour – Advertisements in RH mode gives everyone 1 right to click in every 5 minutes. You have unlimited RH click right. War of Clicks has Achievements, Leader Board, Most Click Award and Reference system. Which these systems give clickers warcoins as reward, so use Rush hour mode to succeed in achievements, to get in the leader board, to win most click awards of each ads.

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    Achievements: There are quests waiting to be done by users that are called achievements. Warcoin rewards of the achievements are given at the end of a day. Achievements are reset at the end of a day so that you can do it again next day. Warcoin reward of an achievement changes according to the advertisements given that day and how many people succeeded that achievement. While winners of achievements increases, ads given increases all day. Achievements are very simple, you just have to click more. On the achievements page, you will see all the achievements and their details.

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    Leader Board: At the beginning of the season administrators set the number of the users to get in the Leader Board. Ranking is according to the clicks users made in the season. Leader Board rewards are much bigger at the upper ranks. So the most clicker of the season is going to win the biggest reward from Leader Board. There is one rule to get in the Leader Board, users have to be at least 1 level of Activity Level. At the end of the season Leader Board rewards that be warcoins are distributed to the users.

    Most Click Award: Every advertisement is a competition. So the most clickers of an advertisement are going to win warcoin reward. You may see the details of each advertisement’s Most Click Award information (like your place in the competition) by pressing the button on upper right corner of an advertisement box.


    How can you get warcoins? You may go for most click awards of advertisements, achievements and leader board. Also you may get warcoins by levelling up. These systems will give you warcoins as reward. You may also purchase warcoin packs from “account settings>>purchase warcoin” with the payment processors.  Warcoin packs also give bonus warcoins.

    What you can do with warcoins? You may rent, recycle, extent referrals. You will earn cash from your referrals. Soon “item system” will be integrated to War of Clicks so you will be able to purchase items to get more benefits among the other users.

    Season System

    Some rewards are given at the end of a season such as earnings for Leader Board and Reference System. A season lasts 3 days.

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    Level System

    In the game theme, your characters are going to change and become more powerful.

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    You get money, from each one of your referrals that have 1 activity level, equals to one extension price plus some profit for a month.

    If your referral has activity level more than 1, you profit multiply of your referrals’ activity level for a month.

    You may get more profit when you extent your referrals more than 1 month. The price for extensions more than 1 month has more discount amounts.

    Whole system of War Of Clicks

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    At the moment they are paying via PayPal and Payza.

    If you want to join Click Here or the banner below:

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