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    Superpoints Empty Superpoints

    Post by J105 on Thu 10 Jul 2014, 9:17 am

    Superpoints is a site where you can earn rewards for doing the simple things like clicking the superlucky button or checking your email for lucky mail. However, they do have offers and surveys that you can complete as well. They also offer incentives for inviting referrals and if they sign up you can receive about a $1 for each referral. Referrals is probably the quickest way to level up and receive money on Superpoints.
    You have to gain more XP's by earning points on the website to unlock special rewards and receive other benefits. Karma is a way for you to earn more XP's for the week by doing certain things on the website. Such as click the superlucky button 10+ times for 1 day out of the week. The more you do each day the more XP's you will have at the end of the week. It consist of 5 levels so keep earning every day to gain the entire benefit.

    This site is a website that you have to receive a link from a current member to signup so if your interested in signing up please click .

    I hope you enjoy a rewards site that truly rewards its members for the simple things.

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