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    Traffic Exchange Sites - FreeTrafficWorld, EasyHits4U and Clicksia


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    Traffic Exchange Sites - FreeTrafficWorld, EasyHits4U and Clicksia

    Post by moneymagnet on Sat 06 Mar 2010, 9:53 am

    Do you have a website and you want to increase your traffic while getting paid? Try out these traffic exchange sites.


    This site offers 500 credits (hits) upon registration and free 100 credits every month. You can also earn more credits in their Click2Earn area where you click a sponsor's banner and earn anywhere between 5-15 credits instantly. FreeTrafficWorld also gives our daily bonus, which includes cash, hundreds of credits and thousands of text/banner impressions. To join, just click here.


    This is one of the most popular traffic exchange sites in the web. They offer a 1:1 traffic ratio for every 20 second website view. This means that for every website you view, you are guaranteed 1 visitor to your site. They also offer 2:1 ratio for every 15 second website view. EasyHits4U gives a sign up bonus of 50 credits and 500 text ad impressions. They also give a cash bonus of $0.30 for every 1000 sites viewed and when you reach $3, you can cash out through PayPal or AlertPay. Take note that you also earn 10% from your referrals. To join, click here.


    This site offers traffic exchange as well as cash by clicking ads and signing up. You also get 10% from what your downline earns. Cashout minimum is $1 both for PayPal and alertpay. To join, click here.

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