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    New GPT website on the internet


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    New GPT website on the internet

    Post by PennyLounge on Wed 05 May 2010, 4:17 pm

    Hello, i`m the owner of
    I`m also a developer on Earn Money Space so if you have some coding problems or want a unique mode for your website just PM me and we can deal about the price. My Username there is WinDrop.

    I was working on this website for about 3 months and it's still not finished as i'm adding functions every day.

    If you found some bugs just post them on the forum, oh yeah, when you register on the website you will be automatically registered on forum as well, so you don't have to register twice.

    Only UK, US, CA and AU members allowed atm but i hope that soon we will have more international offers so i will be able to open registration for all other countries as well.

    I also have a special offer for first 100 members who will make a cashout. I will add Additional $0.20 to each cashout. Btw, minimum cashout is ONLY $1 so if you will cashout $1 you will get $1.20 instead. Isn't that great? And what's more important you can claim for that bonus as much times as you want, you just have to be in first 100 cashout list and that's it...So don't miss out the chance and earn some extra money. Hurry up, because we already made 34 cashouts.

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    Number of posts : 2
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    Re: New GPT website on the internet

    Post by PennyLounge on Thu 06 May 2010, 3:51 pm

    Hello Everybody.

    I haven't been here for a while so i decided to post detailed stats about my website. How many offers we have, how many for each country, what type of offers we have and how many in each category.

    Let's start with offers.

    So, In total we have 643 offers from which we have:

    From them we have:

    Don't forget that we also have PTC click section on our website.
    In total we have 32 PTC campaigns which you can click every 24 hours and earn up to $0.01 from each. From all of those PTC campaigns we have:

    • 23 Offers for People living in United States
    • 19 Offers for People living in Canada
    • 9 Offers for People living in United Kingdom
    • 9 Offers for people living in Australia

    Now let's see what we have from cashouts.

    • At the moment we have 34 cashouts made in total.
    • We paid out $78.74

    You can see all posted Payment Proofs Here

    We already have 249 members on our website, but we all hope that we can get 400+ in few weeks. Don't forget that you can earn 50% from your referral downline and minimum cashout on our website is only $1. So basically you don't have to do nothing. If you have 5 referrals and each of them will do at least 2 offers, you will earn money and you can cashout straight away.
    What a great opportunity isn't it?

    We also add up to 20 new offers every day and most of them are very easy to complete and pay up to $0.20 each.
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