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    Facebook GPT Script


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    Facebook GPT Script

    Post by mporgsoft on Wed 02 Jun 2010, 11:00 pm

    Facebook Rewards Application Script -Users complete CPA offers in exchange for prizes

    Create your own Facebook Rewards Application

    Version RewardsPlus2.0
    Anyone can easily setup a Facebook rewards application with ease using this script. Users of your application complete offers and surveys to earn points/coins which are redeemed for prizes. As the developer of the application you earn money from the completion of the CPA offers.

    Demo: - RockYouAds Integrated - GWallet Integrated - SuperRewards Integrated

    Version 2.0 New Features Include:
    - Fast loading time.
    - Simplified integration and installation.
    - Referral System! Users will now earn coins/points from users that they refer to your application. Users will be provided with a referral url which can be used to advertise your application and also all Friend Invites that they send from your application uses their referral url. Let your users advertise for you! Users earn the coins/points once a referral earns enough coins, redeems for a prize and the redemption is processed. The coins/points earned is set by you and can be disabled or any whole number up to 100. All users can view all of their referrals and amount of coins each referral has earned through their own admin panel.

    Features and Info:
    - Fully customizable! Your own text and images.
    - Easy to use admin area for adding prizes and delivering prizes to users.
    - 'Bookmark' and 'Become A Fan' buttons.
    - Documented history for each user's interaction with your application's monetization service and prize requests.
    - **Can create unlimited number of prizes.
    - A redemption page displaying all the prizes available to your users.
    - A support forum.
    - Pages for your own Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
    - A control panel for all users to view referrals and an external referral link.
    - *A page to resolve current prize requests from users.
    - *A catalog to add/edit/delete/manage your prizes.
    - *A log detailing the completed prize requests through the lifetime of the application.
    - *A page to view all the users of your application.
    - *A search feature to look up certain users by their Facebook ID.
    - *A ban feature.
    - *An application statistics page currently showing application users, interactions and prize requests for the last 24 hours, last 7 days, last 30 days and the lifetime of the application.
    - Free installation available.
    - Includes free lifetime updates to your application as Facebook changes how their platform works.
    - UNLIMITED uses. You can create an unlimited amount of applications for yourself. Create a network of over 10 RewardPlus applications to exponentially increase your earnings. You are not able to create applications and then sell them or distribute the script.

    - The script runs heavily on Facebook's Ajax and FBJS, providing quick transitions from page to page for your users without the hassle of reloading the Facebook frame.
    - The script updates a user's currency once every 30 seconds and on every page load. The interval at which this occurs can be altered.

    *Viewable only to administrators.
    **The application developer is responsible for creating prizes and delivering them. Prizes can be anything! Banner impressions, gift certificates, e-books, and even tangible goods such as a cell phone, DVD, etc.

    - The script currently integrates with CPALead and GWallet. We will integrate for free with any other CPA company you would like to use.

    Admin Feature Screenshots:

    Script Requirements (for hosting):
    Regular Shared Hosting
    Mysql Database

    - You will get the full script (source code) with nothing encrypted and complete setup guide / install instructions.
    - Free installation available upon request.

    PayPal $75 - License for unlimited uses, may not redistribute apps created or the script.

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